Game Repair Service

Let us conquer your broken console so you can focus on getting to the next level!

Whether you enjoy Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC gaming, it’s no fun when these systems stop functioning. We know how frustrating it is when your console shuts off before you get the chance to save your progress. Or when your favorite Blu-ray movie starts to skip and stutter. We’ve been there too! Our technicians offer honest feedback about your system’s problem and will find the cheapest way to fix it.


We fix all game consoles affordably

We can take care of:

Xbox One or Playstation 4 power issues
Xbox 360 red ring (RROD)
Playstation 3 yellow light (YLOD)
Games freezing during play
Game or movie discs not being recognized
Gaming PC graphic/memory upgrades
Dust and dirt cleanup

Professional Service

Our technicians have over a decade of knowledge to solve your tech problems. We can quickly provide the best solution no matter how large or small the issue. The quality of our work is guaranteed and no appointment is needed.

We hope to serve you soon!

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6324Tablets Repaired
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