Mobile Kangaroo – Mountain View : “within an hour” screen replacements for iPhone 6s, 7 series.

Mobile Kangaroo – Mountain View : “within an hour” screen replacements for iPhone 6s, 7 series.

Mobile Kangaroo - Mountain View : "within an hour" screen replacements for iPhone 6s, 7 series

Mobile Kangaroo is pleased to announce that our Mountain View location is now able to do iPhone screen replacements for 6s, 6s plus, 7 and 7 plus within an hour!

There are unique circumstances that could prevent us from performing the service within an hour. However, 99% of   the time we are able to process them in less than 30 minutes. Being prepared before bringing in the device always helps!


What is included in this Repair?

Original parts: We use only Apple-Genuine parts.

Apple Certified Technicians: Our Technicians are Apple Certified ensuring the highest quality of work done for you.

Screen calibration: New screens need to be calibrated after installation. Using uncalibrated screens can result in unresponsive touches among other issues.  If calibration fails (it happens!), you will receive a replacement iPhone at no additional cost to you.

World Wide Warranty: We guarantee our work for 90 days. If any problems arise with the repair within that time period, bring the device back to any of our store or any Apple store for a free fix. 


What should you do before you come in?

Great question! Apple's website has a great service preparation check list We can't stress enough that backing up data is necessary before bringing in any device for repair!

  • Back Up -  The most essential part before any repairs. 
  • Find My iPhone - You must know the password to turn FMI off. If you are not the owner of your device we will not be able to fix it for you! 
  • Appointments -  They are not necessary but you could get one at and that gives you priority support.


Our friendly and knowledgeable Apple Certified  Technicians have been helping our California customers with phone and computer repairs for over 13 years. We can service your device on a walk-in basis so there is no need to make an appointment. We take pride in serving our customers and will happily answer any questions you may have. Our service and professionalism are beyond reproach.

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